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Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews and Buying Guide

Start here BEFORE Reading The Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Reviews are a valuable resource when making any purchase. Blood pressure monitors are no exception. Honest customer reviews can give you insight into a product that you won't find anywhere else. Blood pressure monitor reviews can reveal the true pros and cons of a potential purchase, going far beyond the information you are given by the manufacturer. However, reading these reviews should not be the beginning point of your decision making process, unless you plan on dedicating a great deal of unnecessary time to your quest. You should first think about which type of monitor you want. This way you won't waste your time reading thousands of blood pressure monitor reviews for models that won't meet your needs. Below you will find a few guidelines and ideas to help you narrow your search.


There are two main different types of blood pressure monitors available for home use. They are wrist monitors and upper arm monitors. There are both automatic and manual models within the upper arm category available. Wrist monitors are fully automatic. The main difference in type deals with where the cuff is placed. There are also differences in the body position needed when using these two different types of monitors.

Cuff Size Matters

Cuff size is very important when using an upper arm model. Too small of a cuff will give you a higher than accurate result. Too large of a cuff will give you a lower than accurate result. This is one reason that you find complaints about a unit being inaccurate for some, while the vast majority of users got good results. Proper fit is crucial. Look at the recommended arm size for each monitor before making your decision. Some units give you the opportunity to order extra cuffs in different sizes to accommodate multiple users.

Accuracy of Wrist Monitors Verses Upper Arm Monitors

Both upper arm blood pressure monitors and wrist blood pressure monitors can be accurate when used properly. However,  it is much more common to obtain an inaccurate reading from a wrist unit. This is because this type of monitor is very sensitive to your body position. Not following the manufacturers instructions precisely can lead to false readings. Interested in a wrist blood pressure monitor? We suggest bringing it with you to your physician's office. This way he or she can show you how to properly use it. Or your local pharmacist should be able to help. There are wrist models, such as the Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit, that eliminate some of the guesswork. This is done by using a light that shows you whether or not you are in the proper position. That Omron model actually does not begin inflation until you are in position.

Ease of Use of Wrist Models and Upper Arm Models

Many people opt for a wrist blood pressure monitor because it is simpler to use. You don't need to remove any heavy articles of clothing,  like your favorite bulky wintertime sweater. They are also easier to bring with you when traveling or just out for the day. Many are small enough to fit in a purse or desk drawer.

Upper arm blood pressure monitors (especially automatic ones) are also easy to use. Some users feel that knowing that they tend to be more accurate makes up for the little inconveniences, which are quite easy to overcome. Some people like to keep an upper arm model at home and travel with a wrist unit. That also gives you the opportunity to compare the results of both types of machines.

Automatic Verses Manual Upper Arm Monitors

An automatic model inflates,  well… automatically. A manual model requires you to work a small handheld pump in order to inflate it. This can be awkward,  leading to both false results and a higher blood pressure due to the added stress. We do not advocate buying a manual monitor for this reason,  but since some people prefer them due to the lower cost and less chance of mechanical failure, we have included them in our reviews.

Easy To Read Display

It is imperative that you are able to easily see the results. For some,  the smaller readout screen on a wrist blood pressure monitor can present problems. This is one area where the reviews can certainly help you. If many people have trouble reading a screen on a particular model and you have less than stellar eyesight,  don't buy that blood pressure monitor.

Memory and Reporting

Different models store different information. We have included those stats in the overview. Machines range from simple, with no memory storage, to advanced models, like the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, that have unlimited memory storage and tons of available charts and graphs. This is clearly an area of personal preference; think about what type of reporting and storage is important to you before looking at the blood pressure monitors.

Irregular Heartbeat Monitoring

There are blood pressure monitors designed specifically for those with irregular heartbeats. These monitors will not only alert you if they detect an irregular heartbeat,  they will also compensate for the heartbeat,  ensuring it does not affect your blood pressure reading. If an irregular heartbeat is a concern for you,  consider one of these monitors.

Read The Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Click on the categories to the right when you are ready to move to the blood pressure monitor reviews. We want to make it easy to search the way YOU want to search. That is why we have listed the monitors by price, method of inflation (manual or automatic) and area of cuff placement (upper arm or wrist.) We have also listed them by brand, in case you have narrowed your search to one specific maker. You will find an overview of each model. This will allow you to see, at a glance, if a particular model might be right for you. We also provide an overview of all of the blood pressure monitor reviews and a rating. This way you will have a better idea of what to expect from a device before reading all the individual blood pressure monitor reviews available for that particular model. This will save you time. You will likely only need to thoroughly read individual customer blood pressure monitor reviews for a few models before making your final decision.

Why Is Monitoring Your Blood Pressure Important?

High blood pressure is a very serious condition, which can lead to many serious diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke and kidney disease. So it is obviously in your best interest to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. But it is quite difficult to control your blood pressure without knowing what it is. That's where the blood pressure monitor comes in. You can keep track of your blood pressure so you know if your heart-healthy diet and exercise plan is working. You will also be able to determine if your blood pressure reaches dangerous levels which need immediate medical attention. Discuss what your particular blood pressure levels ought to be with your physician.

Thank you for visiting BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR REVIEWS. We hope we have helped you along on your journey to better health. Have a wonderful, healthy day!


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